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Why am I being billed for $1 or $2 every day?

Some of our product offers bill in this way until they bill the total cost of the product and/or shipping. For example, some of our products cost $10 in total, but the customer is billed $2 for five days. These payments have nothing to do with one of our subscription programs. Once this series of ... Read More

I was billed, but I don’t know why. What should I do next?

If you are unsure as to why you were charged by our company, please call (800) 509-2605 or click here to fill out a Contact Us form right away. One of our agents will help you understand what the charges are for. Sometimes customers don’t notice that their product comes with a free trial to ... Read More

Why is showing up on my credit card statement?

Billing statements from Science of Skill, LLC can show up on your credit card statement in the following ways depending on the type of card you are using: SCIENCE OF SKILL SCIENCEOFSKILL.COM SCIENCEOFSKILL SOS SELF DEFENSE TOOLS If you see a descriptor of this kind on your statement, it means that you have recently purchased ... Read More